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Announcement: 1st Anniversary Giveaway

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Hello everyone,

First of all we wanted to thank everyone for their support throughout this year of operations. It has been truly amazing to see the reception that some of our articles have had. We are just over a week away from our one year anniversary. It’s an important date for us for various reasons. As a part of our celebration, we are formally announcing our first giveaway of 2021.

And it’s a big one at that!

The giveaway

This time around we wanted to focus our giveaway on one of the simulators that has propelled us forward, DCS World. The following prizes can be for users on either the standalone launcher or Steam versions of DCS World, so don’t worry about which version you are playing.

There will be a total of four (4) winners. The prizes will be as follows:

  • Two winners will win one (1) campaign of their choice (each) from the following list: Raven One, Resolve 79', Horrido!, Blue Nosed B., Serpent's Head, Sky Warrior, Zone 5, Red Flag 21-1, Agg. BFM, Enemy Within.

  • One winner will win a medium prize consisting of a DCS map of their choosing.

  • One winner will win the grand prize: an aircraft module of their choosing with a custom livery of their choosing, made by Cubeboy, our content director.

How to enter

From March 15th to March 23rd, 2021, any of our viewers that follow us on Twitter and like this Tweet will be eligible to win one of four possible prizes related to Digital Combat Simulator World. The tweet below is the Tweet we are referring to:


On March 24th, 2021, the day of our anniversary, the four (4) winners will be selected randomly from this Tweet and their Twitter names will be announced on both social media and our website. Each winner will be contacted via direct message from our official @SkywardFM account to then discuss prizes and how to deliver their prize to them.


We hope that you have enjoyed this year of Skyward, there is plenty more to come. Let’s keep flying skywards and enjoying our hobbies the best we can.



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