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1st Anniversary of Skyward Flight Media

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Thank you for visiting us as we celebrate one year of operations! Though our roots can be traced back many years, this day marks the first full year we've been in operation as Skyward Flight Media. Our love of aviation anywhere it can be found drove us not only to become who we are today but also to diversify the content we've been creating. It is because of the support we receive from all of you that we've been able to continue forward. Whether it's social media interaction, viewing our content or even contributing to our Ko-fi - we appreciate it all! With one solid year behind us, we continue skyward into our second year with more confidence than we've ever had before.

Giveaway Winners

The highlight of our first anniversary is without a doubt our first giveaway. For those that are interested, we used the Google Random Number Generator to select the winners for this giveaway. For example: if number 12 was selected by the generation we then opened the list of likes on the giveaway post, counted 12 names from the top downwards and the 12th person received the prize.

Here are the Twitter handles of the winners:

  • @chamchullo - 1st Campaign Winner

  • @QuiquagMC - 2nd Campaign Winner

  • @mwd222 - DCS Map

  • @SS2Maximilian - DCS Module with Custom Livery

These people will be contacted via Twitter direct message to begin the process of selecting and delivering their prizes to them. Though our first giveaway is focused on Digital Combat Simulator World, our future giveaways will most likely be more diverse. Look forward to them!

DCS F/A-18C Skyward Livery Available for Download

As seen in some of our reviews, Tweets and website banners, Skyward has a growing number of DCS World skins that we use for promotional purposes. This year we plan on releasing them for public use.

The first of the liveries made available is for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. This skin was made by Cubeboy, our Content Director. Download it and future skins from our new DCSWorld Liveries page in our downloads section. Information about the upcoming DCS skins for release and other downloads will be announced ahead of time.

Media and Official Accounts

Starting in April 2021 we'll be posting more video, screenshots and gifs using our accounts on the following platforms: Twitter, YouTube, and Imgur. We also have a Facebook account on standby but it is not active at this time. Our front page and contact page will be updated to reflect these and begin showing updates from these accounts soon.

Future Giveaways and Other Feedback

In the next few weeks we'll be putting up some polls and gathering feedback on a variety of things, including giveaways, the type of content viewers would like to see and more.

1st Anniversary Social Media Banners

For posterity, here are the banners we used on our Twitter page during the lead up to this day.

And finally, thanks once again for all the support we receive. Here's to another year!



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