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Relax, explore, enjoy the magic of flight

Skyward Island Resort

A VRChat Aviation World

LAST UPDATE: 4/14/2023


Skyward Island Resort is a non-combat VRChat aviation world that focuses on social flight experiences, exploration and a unique blend of civilian aircraft.


This world is an official Skyward Flight Media project created by Santiago "Cubeboy" Cuberos with further design support from Caio D. "Hueman" Barreto. 

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Updates, Roadmap

This world is in active development, therefore there are plenty of features that have yet to be added. Some of these include:

  • Additional aircraft such as an amphibious helicopter

  • More points of interest for exploration

  • Radio Navigation for the Dragonfly

  • More island chains with increased diversity.

  • Expansions for resort amenities (pool tables, swimming pools, private rooms, etc.)

The Dragonfly

An original design by Caio D. "Hueman" Barreto, an aerospace engineer undergrad; the SW-201 Dragonfly is a fictional seven-seat civilian aircraft designed with speed and observability in mind. It was modeled by Santiago "Cubeboy" Cuberos, and it is only available here in VRChat in the Skyward Island Resort!

It is an amphibious aircraft, which means that it can land both on water and in land, with the ability of transitioning between the two with no issue at all. Perfect for island hopping flights! 

ASK-21 PIC.png

ASK-21 Glider

A German-designed, self-launched, two-seat glider that will allow you to experience the sky in a way unlike anything you have experienced before in VRChat.

Use the power of wind and your piloting skills to stay in the air for as long as possible, and experience what it feels to fly in absolute silence.

Ride the Wind

Thanks to KitKat, a VRChat coder, we have implemented a dynamic wind zone system. It is thanks to this system that gliding is not only possible, but enjoyable. These zones are marked by small whirlwinds that are visible at extreme ranges, so keep an eye out for them while you are in a glider.


This world uses Zhakami's Open World Movement Logic System, sadly, which means that long distance flights without jitter are a possibility! Feel free to explore the islands as there are a couple of surprises waiting for those that have an eye for detail. More exploration elements will be added as time goes, so stay tuned!

Social Experience

The Resort's main focus is one that is in tune with VRChat's core ideals of social interaction and socialization, and we intend to stick by it. 

While most flight worlds focus on combat, this world is meant for you and your friends to relax after a long day or even after dogfighting in Desert Airbase. Hop on a Dragonfly and talk while you enjoy the scenery.


Sacchan - SaccFlight
Hueman - Dragonfly Design
Zhakami Zhako - OWML

VTail64 - Photography
KitKat - Many, many scripts!
Helijah - ASK-21Mi Model
Logansryche - Hut model
Fabian Dorst - Vintage Radio

Additional Support


Photo Gallery

Other VRChat Aviation Content

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