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Skyward Flight Media is an aviation enthusiast organization that creates content about flight games and simulators across all levels of realism from past and present.

Skyward Flight Media was founded on March 24th, 2020 . Our passion to pursue and discuss simulated aviation wherever it can be found has resulted in unique articles, interviews with development teams, insights into game development, access to upcoming releases, contacts with international flight sim organizations and more. In 2023, Skyward continues to expand its horizons with the inclusion of real world content alongside our coverage of simulated aviation. 

Our core team was active under the name Project Lighthouse during our initial two years of operation between 2017 and 2019. What had started as a group of international Ace Combat fans trying something began to evolve into something beyond focusing on a specific game series. Following our interview with Ace Combat series brand director Kazutoki Kono and covering the launch weekend of Ace Combat 7 at PAX South 2019, we felt inspired to go for something more significant. To achieve that goal, we felt as though the way to branch out beyond our single series focus and open possibilities for future ventures was to rebrand. This is how Skyward Flight Media came to be.  Since Skyward formally began operations on March 24th, 2020, the wide reach of our content has become our defining feature. Our passion for flight anywhere it can be found has driven our content to be some of the most diverse when it comes to flight simulation focused website. Our readers can enjoy content like articles about flight simulation, read up on a beloved flight titles from decades ago, and learn more about the latest indie flight games that will define the future of the genre. We have the same level of respect and interest in both study level simulators and gamepad flight arcade titles. This variety of content also keeps our staff engaged with flight gaming and simulation, letting us enjoy every facet of the genre without stagnating on a single title.  The support and cooperation we’ve received from our readers, fellow content creators and reputable companies has continued to lift our efforts. The result of this has been amazing opportunities as we continue to create content. The year 2023, is probing to be yet another turning point in our organization which has started the inclusion of real world aviation content coverage and our pursuit of sponsorships and corporate level memberships to see where our efforts can take us. As we continue ever skyward, we hope you will enjoy our journey and continue to support us however possible.


Memershps, Parternships, Sponsorships

Flight Sim Expo 

Media Partnership 

2021, 2023

Flight Sim Expo is North America's largest community drive flight simulation expo. Organized by the Flight Sim Association, this expo has annual events that include hardware manufacturers, content creators, well known communities and other flight sim focused professionals from simming for entertainment to using simulators professionally. Skyward Flight Media has been a media partner for the years 2021 and 2023. This is the first organization we worked with as a media partner. | Website |


Fox 3 Managed Solutions


December 10th, 2021

A company providing turn key server solutions for Digital Combat Simulator World. They were the first sponsor for Skyward Flight Media. Fox 3 provides Skyward with a DCS World server for our flight operations and DCS related content creation.  | Website |

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Heads Up View LLC


August 9th, 2023 

Based in Littleton, Colorado, Heads Up View creates realistic heads up display units for simulation. Their models are designed for standalone use on desks / tables or integration into elaborate simulation pits. Their sponsorship of Skyward was made following our introduction to Heads Up View LLC at Flight Sim Expo 2023. | Website |


Wings Over the Rockies

Corporate Membership

August 9th, 2023 

Wings Over the Rockies became Colorado’s official air and space museum in 1997. The collection expanded and diversified to include spacecraft and civilian aircraft. In August 2023, Skyward became a corporate member of this museum as the beginning of our real world aviation content creation efforts. | Website |



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Aaron "Ribbon-Blue" Mendoza


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Santiago "Cubeboy" Cuberos


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T.J. "Millie" Archer



Caio D. "Hueman" Barreto



"RaptorDad 86"


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Flight Team



The official Skyward Flight Media logo was created by 'ReRibbon', a Motion Designer and Graphics Designer. 

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