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Skyward FM Milestone: 400+ Website Releases

Taking a moment to reflect on Skyward's latest achievement!

Somewhere between appreciating the significance of 1CGS announcing the next installment of the IL-2 Series set in the Korean War and laughing at friends attempting to wing walk on VRChat bi-planes, Skyward Flight Media has achieved a new milestone. Over 400 releases on our website!

For an organization creating content that is flight focused but rather eclectic, this is huge for us. Choosing to write about flight in games and simulators anywhere they can be found is a rather unusual way to approach things, but the consistent viewership, working with developers, content creators, and followers on social media have given us confidence for over four years now.

Now with 402 articles, interviews, reviews and translations across 68 games, simulators and events that feature aviation in some type of way, we take a moment to highlight a few of our personal favorites published by the different members of Skyward Flight Media.


Published by Aaron "Ribbon-Blue" Mendoza

The first serious piece about Digital Combat Simulator from Aaron. Within a year of learning the simulator, he learned to appreciate high fidelity flight simulation in a new way, while acknowledging how flying a 4th generation fighter slowed his progress in DCS. Skyward had two DCS capable writers from this point forward.

Project ICKX is an example of "doujin" or indie games only found in-person at Japanese conventions. Ordering these products from overseas and talking to their developer directly, this article became an example of how far Skyward would go to cover indie games.

Discussing flight titles from long ago is an occasional offshoot of content Skyward partakes in. The article about the physical switches of an Atari 2600 being used to manage the fire control system of an early F-14 Tomcat flight simulator is one of our most unusual articles for retro flight sim.


Published Santiago "Cubeboy" Cuberos

This article has proven to be one of our most popular pieces over the years. We wrote it not only because we knew that a lot of players cannot afford to buy a headtracker, but also to just share our experience and knowledge gained while building our own.

This review served as a cornerstone for our website, especially due to how popular the A-4E has been for the DCS community as a whole. This review is also one of the most in-depth ones we have made to date, so we recommend it!

Written in a time before the arrival of the infamous F-15E, this article speaks of a time when every single DCS Server was filled with nothing but Hornets and Viper, and explains why that made and still makes sense even to this day.


Published by T.J. "Millie" Archer

One of the first Skyward analytical articles about technology and concepts seen in the Ace Combat series. Research into an infamous ability for a Sukhoi Su-37 to fire missiles backwards showed it was an actual experiment. Other articles of this style for Ace Combat followed.

Skyward's first review for an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. For T.J. it was a first for him to write a review with a developer provided product. Writing for MSFS in the future has remained on our minds since then.

The first manufacturer provided hardware review for Skyward involved T.J. and Aaron putting a real heads up display through its paces. The process involved photography, direct phone calls with the manufacturer and hours of testing in DCS and MSFS.


Published by Caio D. "Hueman" Barreto

The first downloadable mission for Digital Combat Simulator available on Skyward's website. Designed by Caio, it prioritizes the use of light attack aircraft and has Combined Arms ground combat support. Plans to release more missions started here.

A review of an early access flight simulator specialized in designing aircraft from scratch; including their flight instruments. It is advanced to a level even its peers do not reach. This was an interesting review for Caio, who was studying aeronautical engineering at the time.

Discussions between Caio and Aaron about mission editing techniques led to the start of a mission editor focused article series on the website. Since this series started, our mission editing efforts skyrocketed with many new missions being created.




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