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Ace Combat: ADFX-10F Aircraft Description

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

New lore material was released along with the 1:144 scale ADFX-10F model kit by Kotobukiya on March 26, 2020. What new information did Project Aces include about the enemy we fight in Mission 10 of Ace Combat 7? Let's find out.

The ADFX-10F is a large fighter that served as a test platform for the Gründer I.G. “ADF-11F Raven.” Its nickname is “Prototype Raven.” The EASA (Erusean Air and Space Administration) defined the concept of “ultimate survivability” for the new aircraft in the ADF series which would be categorized as seventh generation fighters, and planned for the simultaneous development of an autonomous unmanned model as well as a manned model. These aircraft were developed at an EASA test site in eastern Usea as a testbed for evaluating weapons that could be used by the unmanned aircraft as well as the attachment/detachment mechanism with the large wing unit (RAW-F). Only a small number of them were built.

The ADFX-10 refers to the nose unit itself, and is structured in a way that by equipping the F-type wing unit (RAW-F), it becomes a fighter. This system, which allows for the selection and installation of different types of wing units that correspond to the operation, is designed to give the aircraft multi-purpose capabilities on the battlefield. Additionally, the nose unit has a mechanism that allows it to become a small fighter that can fly independently by extending the strakes and using them as wings in an emergency. This feature was devised so that if the aircraft took considerable damage, the wing unit could be detached and [the nose unit] could fly away to safer areas at the back [of the combat zone] to prevent the loss of the combat AI’s accumulated experience. For this reason, [the nose unit] only has simple skids for the landing gear.

This aircraft was specialized as an autonomous unmanned craft, and in order to demonstrate its ability to use weapons in conditions where it is maneuvering rapidly, the nose unit had an autocannon as fixed armament and highly maneuverable missiles were installed in the internal weapon bays and underwing pylons on the wing unit. The nose is equipped with a radar and infrared searching equipment for the fire control system, and the entire airframe is given a smart skin. The objective for this aircraft was to obtain data about its maneuverability and its flight controls when separating [from the wing unit], so it does not have features like the exterior composite optical sensors, high power tactical laser, and pulse laser system present on its evolution, the ADF-11F. Nevertheless, in a simulated air battle, it shot down 10 MQ-99 combat drones in 2 minutes by itself, showing that a new generation of drones had arrived.

“Z.O.E.,” an artificial intelligence development program created by Gründer I.G. was utilized for this aircraft, and emphasis was placed on the implementation of a learning-type control AI. This is a self-growth program that uses deep learning mainly on actual flight/combat data collected from human pilots to formulate aircraft controls and actions that are more suited for drones. As a result, it possesses exceptional maneuverability and outstanding capabilities for executing operations autonomously. From a security point of view, the accumulated combat data is not transmitted via normal tactical data links, and is only transmitted to specific milli-wave antennas installed at air and communications bases.

In August 2019, some aircraft that were conducting test flights at the EASA test site crashed and were lost due to an Osean Air Defense Force reconnaissance attack in the skies above Borgo dell'Est in eastern Usea.


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