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DCS World: Syria COIN Multiplayer Event

February 24th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM (UTC-7) The next Skyward Flight Media Digital Combat Simulator multiplayer event is on the way! The last two events we hosted in October and December 2023 were large scale missions against a peer adversary. Air battles with half-a-dozen aircraft, columns of hostile vehicles and coordinated surface-to-air threats were staples of those missions. Our February 2023 event changes the flow of things and brings a different type of experience compared to our missions so far: Counter Insurgency. Event Webpage Available The official webpage for this event is ready for viewing. It includes basic information like how to connect, which mods are required and wealth of extra info. Like an explanation of the story behind the mission and kneeboards for the mission that can be downloaded separately. Feel free to use the event webpage to study up before the event: Development This is an original mission from our lead DCS World mission creator, Caio D. "Hueman" Barreto . The base version of the mission was created on January 2nd, 2023. During private playthroughs with Skyward staff and a few friends, it was gradually improved upon. When the decision was made to use this mission for a multiplayer event, the newest version was finalized on February 11th, 2024. Mission Features Low intensity, Ground Attack-focused mission, an opportunity for propeller-driven aircraft, light attackers and helicopters to shine.
Defend coalition outposts surrounded by insurgent forces.
Attack technical convoys, insurgent outposts, and elusive mobile mortar teams.
Change the flow of battle by striking ammunition depots and other strategic targets.
Player-controllable ground vehicles and CTLD allow players with Combined Arms to conduct air assault and JTAC operations.
Players familiar with Forward Air Controller procedures can help guide others to target
Anti-aircraft threats are limited, but watch out for MANPADS!
Aircraft Mods Since we know the use of DCS mod aircraft continues to be uncommon in DCS multiplayer servers, we will continue to use them in this mission as well. The following aircraft mods will be required to join this mission: A-4E, A-29B, F-4B/C, OV-10A, UH-60L. The links to these mods are available on the event webpage . Kneeboards Four custom kneeboards for this mission have been created by the mission editor for this mission. See them here in the image gallery or download them from the event webpage . Future Updates All updates concerning this event will be made through our profile or posted on the event webpage leading up to the event.

DCS World: Syria COIN Multiplayer Event
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