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Creator Highlight Month 2022 Announced

The reoccurring series is getting a big push! Following the positive reception of the Creator Highlight series with our articles about the Flight Sim Historian and Requiem's Air Combat Tutorial Library , we have thought about what to do with this series. In January 2022, we are having our first ever Creator Highlight Month (CHM) to kick off a more consistent effort to write about aviation-focused content creators next year. During CHM we will have articles and interviews with a diverse group of people about their content creation efforts: RedKite : DCS focused content creator known for highly detailed tutorials.
Sacchan : Lead developer of the VRChat aviation phenomenon .
Shadé : Long-time machinima creator and complex aircraft designer in Besiege.
Solutus Eversol : Ace Combat expert guiding viewers through its intricate lore.
Spudknocker : DCS content creator producing tutorials, historical videos, large-scale community missions and more.
Wolfpack345 : Known for dogfights in the air and sea on IL-2, DCS and Silent Hunter 4 on Twitch and YouTube As we get closer to 2022, the date of our first CHM release will be announced. We would like to thank everyone we contacted for participating in our upcoming Creator Highlight Month!

Creator Highlight Month 2022 Announced
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