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Macross 30: Tour of Planet Ouroboros

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Macross 30: Singing Voice Connecting the Galaxy is a Japan-only flight action role-playing game created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macross franchise. This article acts as a tour of the first planet and offers beginner’s tips for the game.

​​For any fan of Macross, this might be the quintessential video game entry in the franchise. Not a crossover, not a limited scope series of missions, not an HD Blu-Ray bonus. It is the first and only full Macross game on the PlayStation 3 and the most advanced Macross game in terms of depth of content, visuals, and originality. Its primary features are an original story the ability to build and customize Variable Fighters and increase character stats in a semi-open world setting which expands across three planets. As one may expect from a Japan-only game, this means there are a lot of dialogue and menu screens in spoken and written Japanese.  Whether one's understanding of the Japanese language is basic or advanced, the need to study up on this game a bit before or during playing is real. The most complete source of information for Macross 30 that is not in Japanese is the translation guide available at The Red Shoulders blog created by Mwulf. This guide is undoubtedly the premier resource for information on Macross 30 available in English and is a must-have document.

Floating rocks and ruins.

After a brief but engaging bit of space combat, the story moves on and the whole of the Yuria Archipelago on Planet Ouroboros is immediately open for exploration. It’s all available from the first quest. Not mission, quest. This is a true RPG.

Planet Ouroboros drives home the feeling of being in the Macross universe by placing an iconic Macross-class SDFN near the middle of the map.Cruising around in a VF-0D Phoenix makes one feel like they are squarely in the universe of Macross. Though it is ill-advised because of the constant hostile presence, turning off the heads-up display and enjoying the scenery is great to do from time to time. ​

The upper, reinforced section of a subterranean town.

​Beneath a sky full of nearby planets and floating rocks, the towns of Ouroboros feature what look like heavily reinforced bunkers above ground. The rest of the settlement is below these structures accessible by elevator. Interacting with these towns allows the player to continue story-related missions, buy items from its shop, take side quests from the Hunter Guild and even participate in air races for prizes (items, parts, and blueprints).

The Geofon in hover (back right).

The Macross-class SDFN based on planet Ouroboros is also a town. However, it is only on the player’s home base - the amphibious assault carrier Geofon - that variable fighters be constructed, items can be stored and other functions of the game can be accessed.  Along with the towns, there are also bases, caves, and ruins that can be explored. Using the terms of role-playing games, these locations are dungeons. The dungeons of Macross 30 are more spacious than expected. This allows players to stay mobile even in heated close quarters combat. The corridors of the dungeons offer enough room for flight game experts to travel through them in Flight mode.

New players will most likely find themselves lost in the detailed system information of the game, but these dungeons are actually quite important early on. Exploring them is the easiest way to gather tuning points for enhancing variable fighters, building up a stock of consumable items (armor restoration kits, ammunition) and getting thorough practice with the game controls. Making frequent trips to the Geofon to deposit consumable items gathered will save tens of thousands of in-game credits. ​

​All sorts of enemies exist across this lawless frontier planet. Zentradi, Vajra, Guardian, and rouge Human enemies can be found all around the map. Of the many enemies that are encountered, the most immediate threat is the Bandit Ship. These are relatively large vessels covered in missile launchers and laser cannons, surrounded by smaller enemies that protect them. They can be found across the archipelago including near some of the towns. 

A pair of Bandit Ships attacking.

Their presence above towns prohibit players from visiting shops and guilds there. Fighting them in the early game is dangerous. Two full salvos of missiles or a single well placed laser cannon hit can destroy a variable fighter. Remaining mobile while attacking the lower half of the ship is recommended. By destroying the forward and rear areas labeled “Bandit Ship” the entire ship can be destroyed without having to remove its defenses one-by-one. Staying highly mobile while attacking these areas is the best course of action.  The learning curve of Macross 30 is steep but finally being able to immerse in a detailed Macross experience makes it worth the studying.


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