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Creator Highlight: Flight Sim Historian

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The beginning of our Creator Highlight series, that focuses on interesting media created by individuals and groups across the internet, starts with a relatively unknown content creator that has lived up to his persona.

For over three years, he has steadily produced 540+ educational videos for aircraft across multiple flight simulators. The aircraft flown cross the entire range from the 1910s to the 2010s and include civilian and military aircraft of all sizes. I've been a frequent viewer of his content for roughly two years now and despite his low view counts, his genuine love for aviation and willpower to steadily produce video is admirable. Let's take a moment to introduce and appreciate the Flight Sim Historian.

Since September 7th, 2017, the Flight Sim Historian has discussed and flown hundreds of aircraft in X-Plane 11, DCS World, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, IL-2, PREPAR3D and even Flight Sim World. Aircraft of all types are covered: airliners, research aircraft, rotary-wing, military aircraft, transports, World War II experimentals, strategic bombers, 5th generation fighters - you name it, it's most likely there in the catalog. There are legitimately too many to list.

The video format for his main series, the self titled "Flight Sim Historian" series, is straightforward. Each episode focuses on a single aircraft from one of the aforementioned flight simulators. They are a mixture of freeware, payware and other mods.

While the aircraft is on the ground, he begins to provide information about the aircraft in the first few minutes of each video. Information about the aircraft, its operators, media the aircraft can be seen in (movies, TV shows, etc.) and other information depending on aircraft type or the focus of the video. After the ground presentation, the aircraft is then flown for a time to examine it in flight both internally and externally while the Flight Sim Historian provides no commentary or little commentary. This allows the aircraft to be observed with minimal interruption before landing. These are not tutorial level videos where aircraft start up is discussed in detail, but they are effective introductory videos to a wide variety of airframes. It should be mentioned that he also does reshoot earlier videos with new footage and new audio when needed.

Alongside the primary series are also videos of one-man DCS airshows, free flights and combat footage in his catalog as well.

Admittedly, not every video is picture perfect. Some include crashes on landings or a few minor mid-air mistakes but these do not ruin the videos. The one persisting complaint about the videos is the audio volume difference between his commentary and the flying segments. The difference is so sharp having a finger or mouse icon hovering over the volume control is recommended.

The Flight Sim Historian continues to create video content on his YouTube channel with his primary means of contact through his Facebook page. After production of more than 540 videos, this content creator is continuing to soar under their own power.


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