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CEDEC 2019: Interactive Sound Design for Presenting the "Sky" and "Story" 

1/29/2020 This presentation focuses on the composition and implementation of sound effects in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for both the standard game and virtual reality. Watanabe Ryo (Sound Director, Composer/Section Manager) and Tetsukazu Nakanishi (Audio Director / Lead Sound Designer / Technical Sound Designer Head of Sound & Motion Division) of Bandai Namco Studios split their presentation into four parts: handling compositions and implementation, implementing sound effects, development and addition of plug-ins and sound in the virtual reality. 

The lecture was given at the PACIFICO YOKOHAMA convention center in Yokohama, Japan as a part of CEDEC 2019. For those that do not know, the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference is a conference for the computer entertainment industry. Through CEDEC, developers, and others that are a part of work related to the industry are able to exchange information and ideas to improve each other's development capabilities which in turn cultivates better products being produced by the industry.

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