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The Black Aces December 2023 Digital Combat Simulator Community event is being hosted on Skyward Flight Media's Fox Managed Solutions DCS Server. This is a modified version of the Pretense mission format by Dzsek


Server Name

Skyward Flight Media | A1-137​

Server IP Address 

Server Password


Player Slots 

40 players Max




Weekend One

Start: December 1st @ 6:00PM MST (UTC−07:00)

End: December 4th @ 12:00 AM MST (UTC−07:00)

Weekend Two 

Start: December 8th @ 06:00 PM MST (UTC−07:00)

End: December 10th @ 12:00 AM MST (UTC−07:00)

Weekend Three

Start: December 22nd @ 06:00 PM MST (UTC−07:00)

End: December 24th @12:00 AM MST (UTC−07:00)


Close Range CombatAt the request of Black Aces staff, this mission focuses is on close range combat. There are no Fox Three missiles, glide weapons or cruise missiles available to players. Anti-radiation missiles are still available.

Helicopter Ops Friendly - Rotary-wing aircraft are a vital part of this mission. From combat to logistics management.

Player logistics - deploy various infantry squads and extract them once they complete their mission, deliver supplies, rescue friendly pilots. C-130 and helicopter transport pilots can change the course of the war by delivering supplies.

Dynamic AI tasking - available AI are sent where they are needed based on the state of the frontline.

Basic economy - every unit and building requires supplies to be deployed, AI runs supply lines, as well as intercepts supplies of the enemy.

Persistence - as with Foothold, the campaign remembers where you left off. Long-term gameplay over different days is supported. 

Dynamic player missions - pick up missions from a mission board and complete them either alone or together with friends to earn XP and rise through the ranks.

Built-in performance optimizations - activity is concentrated around the frontline and zones farther back automatically reduce the amount of unnecessary units.

Limited Player vs Player - some human players have the option of flying on the REDFOR side to complicate BLUFOR operations. 


This mission is using mods. The description of the mission running on the server will tell you which mods are active. If a mission has a mod in it, you are required to download it. If you do not have them, the server will not let you join the mission for technical reasons. That's a DCS thing, Black Aces or Skyward cannot work around that.


Below is a list of mods we have used. The links go to their primary project pages or groups to ensure that the latest version of the mod is the one you are downloading:

For information about where to install downloaded mods in DCS World, please see this tutorial


Optional downloads for the various missions that are played on this server. These are not required downloads. You can still enter missions without having these downloaded.


FC3 Cold Start Preference

All Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft will spawn as Cold Start spawns. These aircraft need to be shut down to load weapons and refuel anyway. This simplifies the process for them. 

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