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VRChat Aviation: September Showcase Airshow

It has become a bit of a yearly tradition for the VRC Black Aces to showcase their newest aircraft during the month of September. This year is no exception, which is why we are proud to announce that tonight (9/9/2023), at 10PM EST, we will be hosting a showcase in VRChat as a part of this year's Black Aces September Showcase event!
As a part of this airshow, we will be showing off Skyward's newest addition to its virtual roster: The SW-210 "Colibrí" , a two seat trainer aircraft designed by Caio "Hueman" Barreto and modeled/developed by Santiago "Cubeboy" Cuberos! This aircraft has been in development for the past 6 months, so we hope you enjoy it when you see it in VR!

Alongside the Colibrí, we will also be showcasing two more aircraft : The SW-201 "Dragonfly", Skyward's pride and joy civilian amphibious aircraft, and the F/A-27G "So-UR", a futuristic supersonic heavy aircraft designed by REaSoN2DiE4 and Sournetic. This makes it one of the first shows within the Black Aces to have a complete roster of original aircraft modeled in-house by Black Aces members and Skyward Staff to be used in VRChat aviation!
HOW TO ATTEND THE SHOW To attend tonight, you will need to have joined the Black Aces' discord server, which you can find HERE . Once you have joined, please pay close attention to the Announcements channel , which is where Riko, the main organizer and owner of the community, will be posting the link to the VRChat world instance as it opens to the public. See you there! If you cannot attend our show, fret not! There will be three more airshows as a part of September Showcase, one per week. Above you can see the dates and world creators. We'll see you in the virtual skies, fly safe!

VRChat Aviation: September Showcase Airshow
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