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Skyward DCS World Liveries: F-14B, F-16C Update

The next addition to our expanding catalog of Skyward themed Digital Combat Simulator liveries is here! Our first two liveries for the F-14B Tomcat are now available! Our Tomcat liveries were created by Cubeboy. Our new Tomcat CAG bird includes original nose art made in collaboration by Cubeboy and Hueman, a member of our group. Furthermore, an update to the three existing F-16C 'Viper' liveries is also available. They now feature wonderful PW F100-220 engine textures by Mach3DS . Cubeboy did modify the inner part of the feathers to make them more weathered and made the textures a bit gold-ish to better reflect the look he wanted from the textures. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mach3DS for allowing us to use their excellent textures.

Lastly, the F-16C liveries received a minor fix to its roughmets. This solved some reflection issues with the rescue decals and accompanying text. Skyward F-14B CAG Skyward F-14B Low-Vis Skyward F-16C Airshow (v2) Skyward F-16C High-Vis (v2) Skyward F-16C Low-Vis (v2) As always, our liveries are free to download.
Click the red button below to see our livery downloads page.

Skyward DCS World Liveries: F-14B, F-16C Update
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