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Mini-update: 4K Followers Update Post and state of the Website!

We would like to thank everyone who has followed us on Twitter, regardless if you have been following us since the Project Lighthouse days or if you just followed us recently. As Twitter is our main way to interact and grow, we really appreciate the fact that we have now reached 4,000 followers. It might not sound like much in a world where some individuals and groups have hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers, but for us it means a lot. The more people that know about and care for flight games as a whole, the better! Here's to more. To celebrate this milestone, Santiago (Cubeboy) created the skin below: If you would like a copy of this fancy A-4E aircraft livery for yourself, please message us via direct message on Twitter , Discord , website form or to our email (staff@skywardfm). It's free, of course. 4K Follower September 2021 Giveaway in Planning Phase Additionally, we will most likely be doing another giveaway in September 2021 . Keep your eyes peeled for that!
Aesthetic and QoL Improvements for the Website By now you must have noticed that the website has received an aesthetic overhaul! Aaron (RibbonBlue) has been tweaking it here and there but the design is mostly final now. It should be easier now to find the content you come for thanks to a few key features. First, we're using lightboxes to bring users to see all of our tags and sort our content by the title of whichever flight game or sim you're interested in: Second, the related posts section being implemented at the foot of every blog post allowing you to jump in and read articles related to the one you were already reading. You have probably noticed it about the featured content section of our posts:
Further more, the mobile version of the website has a quick access function to important website features, as shown below: We hope you like the new style and if you have any suggestions, let us know by contacting us on our About page or leaving us a message through Twitter. We take feedback into account for all of these changes.

Mini-update: 4K Followers Update Post and state of the Website!
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