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"The Road to Ace Combat": Looking back at Air Combat 22

Updated: May 11, 2021

On April 14, 2019, GameSpark published an interview with Jun Omura and Hisaharu Tago who developed Air Combat 22, which is considered to be one of the predecessors to the Ace Combat series. The two also were involved in the development of Ace Combat 7, with Omura as the Development Producer and Tago as the VR Director and a Creative Director for the DLC missions as well. In the interview, the two talked about the Air Combat and Air Combat 22 arcade cabinet games as well as the connections to the rest of the Ace Combat series, so i thought it would be neat if I translated and published this for Ace Combat's 25th anniversary as a way of reflecting back on the roots of the series. It's a pretty lengthy article but it's a very good read.

Note: The "Air Combat" that is talked about in the article refers to the Namco arcade cabinet game released in 1992, and not the first Ace Combat game (because the first AC title was actually called "Ace Combat" in Japan).

Note 2: Because this was published a year ago, some of the talking points are dated. For example, it talks about upcoming DLC, but this refers the ones that have already been released.

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