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Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky (April 2022 Update)

Português translation re-hosted, other languages to come.

After receiving multiple requests from our viewers in emails and direct messages over the past few months, Skyward Flight Media has restarted the transfer of existing translations of Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky to our website.

The complete Português language translation of the novel is now available. Small changes were also made to the webpage for the English translation with groundwork laid to quickly bring the other available translations to our website.

About Ikaros in the Sky

Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky was published on March 28th, 2012 by ASCII Media Works. This book is a 228-page Japanese only release authored by Heijiro Yamamoto with illustrations by Yūsuke Kozaki. The story within this book takes place in the same version of Earth seen in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Ensign Kei Nagase of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is chosen to become a test pilot with the Advanced Support Fighter-X Project Team flying a prototype aircraft code name "Shinden II". However, political intrigue, industrial competition and other dangerous elements​ complicate the testing and development of this aircraft in ways no one was prepared for.

2017 - 2018 Translation Project ​In December 2017, Project: Lighthouse, an Ace Combat focused fan website, started early attempts to create an unofficial, but highly accurate translation of this novel. In April 2018 an offer to continue the project as a collaborative effort was proposed by Ace Combat Fan, a well known video content creator with a focus on the Ace Combat series. This collaboration gathered new members to translate the book in multiple languages, including the pivotal Japanese to English translation by TaskForce 23 which opened the project up for translations to other languages. On January 2nd, 2019, full translations in English, Español and Português were made available with partial translations available in other languages.

2020 Skyward Maintaining Translations

Following the closure of Project: Lighthouse, the translations of Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky were to be hosted on the Skyward Flight Media website. Only the English translation was brought over early on with no other actions taken since then. Due to multiple requests throughout the past few months, Skyward is now restarting our efforts to re-host the other existing translations on our website.


We would like to formally thank those that sent in messages about this translation for their continued interest, even in our older projects.

-Skyward Flight Media Staff



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