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2nd Anniversary of Skyward Flight Media

It has now been officially 2 years ever since we started operations here at Skyward Flight Media! We would like to thank everyone for their support and for visiting us consistently. The growth that we have seen these past two years has far surpassed our expectations and we could not be more thankful for it. This last year we also had several opportunities to work directly with game developers working on flight-related titles, which has been an honor.

These opportunities and our growth as a platform has motivated us to continue pursuing this project of ours. Aaron, Santiago and the rest of our contributors would like to extend our gratitude as we look forward to our third year of operations. Here's to many more!

Giveaway Winners

For our second anniversary we decided to give away prizes to two (2) randomly selected winners! For those that are interested, we used the Google Random Number Generator to select the winners for this giveaway. For example: if number 12 was selected by the generation we then opened the list of likes on the giveaway post, counted 12 names from the top downwards and the 12th person received the prize.

Here are the handles of the winners:

  • @labourgriffin on Twitter

  • @JavisUpdate on Twitter

These people will be contacted via Twitter direct message or email to begin the process of selecting and delivering their prizes to them. Though our first giveaway is focused on Digital Combat Simulator World, our future giveaways will most likely be more diverse. Look forward to them!



We have no intention of stopping our creative efforts. That means that you can look forward to a myriad of articles and even videos. We plan on expanding our team and, slowly but steadily, getting more content our for you to enjoy. So stay tuned. We appreciate your viewership so thanks for accompanying us on this journey.



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